Undergraduate Zoological Society (UZS)

I. Mission

The Undergraduate Zoological Society (UZS) explores the many diverse fields of zoology for undergraduate students interested in careers associated with zoology. UZS provides supplemental education in the field alongside undergraduate coursework and informs students of campus and community events that may enhance their understanding of zoology. UZS also promotes socialization among fellow zoology majors.

II. UZS Membership

1) Half-time or greater status as an undergraduate at UW
2) Payment of dues ($5) for each semester
3) Attendance of at least two UZS meetings per semester
4) Attendance of at least two UZS events per semester

III. Officers

Officer positions are selected by elections spring semester and filled by appointment as needed otherwise. Officers are required to help organize at least one event per semester. Officers are expected to attend all UZS functions if able and must contact the person organizing the event or the president beforehand if unable to attend for any reason.

2017-2018 Officers

Co-Presidents: Samantha Bledstein & Claire Viellieux

Vice President: Ashley Kempken

Treasurer: Basili Petropoulos

Graphics/PR: Lilly Mann

Secretary: Sydney Parsons

UZS members at Henry Vilas Zoo
UZS members with goats at farm
UZS members at Aldo Leopold Day
UZS members crowded around the sign to Madison's own Henry Vilas Zoo after a day of sightseeing.
UZS members have some fun with young goats after learning about animal behavior on a former professor's farm.
UZS member participating in Aldo Leopold day at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.