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Zoology/Botany Departments

Biology Colloquia and Seminars

Fall 2016 Schedule
Thursdays at 3:30 pm in Birge Hall B302 * unless otherwise noted

Date Title Speaker Sponsor
9/8 Ultrasonic Communication: a Tool to Understand Mate Fidelity and Pair Bonding in a Monogamous Mouse Josh Pultorak, UW-Madison Cathy Marler
* FRIDAY, 9/16 Plant Systematics - Annual Hugh H. Iltis Lecture sponsored by Herbarium Lena Struwe, Rutgers Ken Cameron
9/22 The evolution of Neotropical bellflowers (Campanulaceae): Rapid diversification and convergence in the rising Andes Laura Lagomarsino, Missouri Botanical Garden Tom Givnish
9/29 -- Heather Tallis, Chief Scientist at The Nature Conservancy Luke Loken
10/6 Organization, function and substrates of the essential Clp protease system in plastids Klaas Van Wijk, Cornell Marisa Otegui
Computational models of endogenous retrovirus evolution and proliferation Fabricia Nascimento, University of Oxford Claudia Solis Lemus
Biological invasions: Understanding and predicting the impacts of non-native species Anthony Ricciardi, McGill University Jake Vander Zanden
-- Steve Pacala, Princeton University Tom Givnish
11/3 Molecular Controls in Plant Hormone Signaling: GH3 proteins and PB1 domains Joesph Jez, Washington University in St. Louis Hiroshi Maeda
11/10 Dynamics and functioning of meta-ecosystems Frederic Guichard, McGill University Eric Pedersen
Speciation and diversity in African cichlid radiations Katie Wagner, University of Wyoming Pete McIntyre
11/24                                     Thanksgiving
12/1 Is the road as important as the destination? Does phloem structure constrain carbon transport in plants? Jessica Savage, University of Minnesota-Duluth Tom Givnish
Speciation and mating system evolution in Clarkia David Moeller, University of Minnesota-Duluth Tom Givnish
12/15 Emlen Lecture: Altruism writ small: E. coli and antibiotic resistance Lee Dugatkin, University of Louisville Cathy Marler
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