Major Requirements

In addition to fulfilling all University requirements for the College of Letters & Science, students must fulfill the following major requirements:

  1. Mathematics

    Math 112: Algebra (3 cr) and Math 113: Trigonometry (3 cr) OR
    Math 114: Algebra and Trigonometry (5 cr) OR
    Equivalent placement scores

  2. Chemistry

    Chemistry 103: General Chemistry I (4 cr) and Chemistry 104: General Chemistry II (5 cr) OR
    Chemistry 109: Advanced General Chemistry (5 cr)

  3. Physics

    Physics 103: General Physics (4 cr) and Physics 104: General Physics (4 cr) OR
    Physics 207: General Physics (5 cr) and Physics 208: General Physics (5 cr)

  4. Zoology Coursework (30 credits required)

    1. Foundational Courses

      Zoology 151: Introductory Biology (5 cr) and Zoology 152: Introductory Biology (5 cr) OR
      Biocore curriculum (10-18 cr) OR
      Zoology 101: Animal Biology (3 cr) and Zoology 102: Animal Biology Laboratory (2 cr) and Botany 130: General Botany (5 cr)*

    2. Upper-level Courses (Intermediate/Advanced)

      Choose from any of the following: Zoology 299-699 (6 cr minimum must come from lecture, lab, or field courses), Directed Study/Thesis (up to 10 cr maximum), and Approved Upper-level Courses Outside of Zoology (up to 6 cr maximum)
*Botany 130 is recommended, but not required for students who take Zoology 101 and 102. Botany 130 counts automatically toward the zoology major if Zoology 101 and 102 are also taken.

Note: The Zoology Department recommends that students take math and chemistry during freshmen year, introductory biology during sophomore year, and physics during junior year.