General Information

Research and Education

With 22 zoology faculty and 14 affiliated faculty members from campus, research and education in the Zoology Department spans all levels of biological organization (from the molecular level to whole ecosystems and regions), considers a diverse range of taxa (microbes, plants, animals) and systems (terrestrial, aquatic), and addresses a wide array of basic and applied research questions. The Zoology Department is committed to providing the best training and education in the field of biology for UW-Madison undergraduate and graduate students.


As one of the largest departments in the College of Letters and Science, the Zoology Department is home to the zoology, molecular biology, and newly formed neurobiology majors. Nearly 2500 students enroll in our introductory biology courses (Zoology/Biology 101 and 102; Zoology/Biology/Botany 151/153 and 152), and another 1000 students enroll in a variety of courses in the field of biology.

Please see our courses page for the list of all the course offerings in biology as well as our faculty research page for the diverse research by our faculty.