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Zoology Faculty Research Interests

Full-time faculty members

Full-time faculty members are professors whose offices and research programs are located within the Zoology Department

Cell Biology and Development
Lab Page Mail Name Area of Study

email Kurt Amann Cell Biology, biochemistry, molecular mechanisms of cell motility and structure

email William Bement Cell biology, signal transduction, cytoskeleton, development
web email Seth Blair Developmental biology, neurobiology
web email Stephen Gammie Neurobiology, Neuroethology

email Jenya Grinblat Developmental genetics
web email Jeff Hardin Department Chair, Epithelial migration and embryonic development

email Mary Halloran Development of the nervous system, axon guidance

email Phillip Newmark Planarian regeneration, germ cell development, schistosomes

email Antony Stretton Neurobiology

email Marc Wolman Neurobiology

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Lab Page Mail Name Area of Study
  email Robert Bleiweiss Biochemical systematics, DNA evolution, color vision, sexual dimorphism
email Stephen Carpenter Aquatic and ecosystem ecology. Ecology and economics of ecosystem management
web email Ellen Damschen
Ecosystem ecology, species distribution

email Anthony Ives Theoretical ecology, experimental ecology, predator-prey interactions, terrestrial insect systems
web email Carol Lee Genetic architecture, and speciation of invasive species; Physiological and morphological evolution during habitat transitions; functional evolutionary genomics, phenotypic evolution
email Peter McIntyre Aquatic animal and ecosystem ecology; global biodiversity and conservation; biogeochemistry and food webs
web email John Orrock Spatial ecology, behavioral ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, biological invasions, conservation biology
  email Warren Porter Biophysical ecology, physiological ecology, population dynamics, toxicology, infectious disease
  email Lauren Riters Animal behavior, neuroethology, neuroscience, and neuroendocrinology
web email Prashant Sharma Phylogenomics; historical biogeography; macroevolution; comparative development
email Emily Stanley Aquatic ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry, management and restoration
web email Monica Turner Landscape ecology; ecosystem ecology; fire ecology; simulation modeling; natural disturbance dynamics; role of spatial heterogeneity; scale; succession; land use.
email Jake Vander Zanden Limnology, food web dynamics, aquatic invasive species, ecological restoration, benthic production

Adjunct Faculty Members and Honorary Fellows
Mail Name Area of Study
email Patricia McConnell communication (visual and acoustic) and applied animal behavior
email Bobbi Peckarsky Field studies of behavior, life histories and biological interactions among stream-dwelling invertebrates; mechanisms, consequences and evolution of predator-prey and competitive interactions; invertebrates as indicators of stream water quality; systematics of aquatic insects.
email Ken Yasukawa Animal behavior, ornithology and ecology


Zero-Time Faculty Members:

Zero-time faculty members are professors whose offices and research programs are located in a department other than Zoology. Zero-time faculty members can be official advisors for Zoology graduate students.

Assorted Areas of Study
Lab Page Mail Name Area of Study
  email Anthony Auger Psychology Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
email Johanne Brunet Entomology Gene flow in populations with particular emphasis on insect pollinators.
  email Michael Coen Biostatistics &
Medical Informatics
Self-supervised machine learning based on biologically inspired models of learning in animals
  email Cameron Currie Bacteriology Microbial ecology and evolution, Symbiosis, Coevolution
email William Engels Genetics Transposable elements, population genetics
  email Donna Fernandez Botany Plant cell and developmental biology
  email Tony Goldberg School of Veterinary Medicine Ecology‚ Epidemiology‚ and Evolution of Health and Disease
  email Claudio Gratton Entomology Food webs, biological control, aphid ecology
web email John Hawks Anthropology Morphological and genetic aspects of human evolution
  email William Karasov Wildlife Ecology Nutritional physiology and ecology, ecotoxicology

email Richard Lindroth


Chemical ecology, trophic interactions, and global environmental change
web email Catherine Marler Psychology Endocrinology, animal behavior
  email Bret Payseur Genetics Population genetics, genetics of speciation and genetics of morphological evolution
web email John Pool Genetics Population Genomics and the Genetic Basis of Adaptive Evolution

email Karen Strier Anthropology Primate behavior and ecology, conservation

Emeritus faculty members:

Emeritus faculty members are professors who have retired, but often maintain service to the University.

Assorted Areas of Study
Lab Page Mail Name Area of Study
  email Jeffrey Baylis Ethology, animal communication
email Deric Bownds Neurobiology

email James Kitchell Aquatic Ecology, Food Web Interactions, Bioenergetics
email John Magnuson Aquatic ecology and long-term research
  email Tim Moermond Animal ecology and ornithology

email James Pawley Interface between biological specimens and physical instrumentation
  email David Sonneborn Cellular growth and differentiation
web email Karen Steudel Functional morphology, mammalian locomotion, primate paleontology, evolution of human locomotion



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