Dr. Monica G.Turner
Department of Zoology
University of Wisconsin
430 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
Ecosystem and
Landscape Ecology Lab


Conditions of data use

Permission to use the datasets posted on our lab's home page is granted free of charge subject to the following terms:

  1. Acceptable use. Use of the dataset will be restricted to academic, educational, research or other not-for-profit professional purposes. 
  2. Redistribution. Redistribution of data and relevant documentation is prohibited without permission from Professor Turner. However, links or references to our site may be freely posted.
  3. Citation. It is considered a matter of professional ethics to acknowledge the work of other scientists. Thus, data users must acknowledge the use of this data with the appropriate citation; see metadata for each dataset.
  4. Notification. Professor Turner must be contacted when any derivative work or publication on or derived from the dataset is distributed. The data user will send a reprint of any such work to Professor Turner. Notification should include an explanation of how the data set was used to produce the derived work.
  5. Collaboration. Data users must realize that these data may be actively used by others for ongoing research and that coordination may be necessary to prevent duplicate publication.  Where appropriate, the data user may be encouraged to consider collaboration and/or co-authorship with Professor Turner and any other original investigators.
  6. Disclaimer. Although we make every effort to control and document the quality and accuracy of the data posted on our site, the data are made available "as is". Professor Turner and members of her lab shall not be liable for damages resulting from mis-use or mis-interpretation of datasets or from errors or omissions that may exist in the data.

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