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Possible Funding Sources for Undergraduate Research/Projects (on campus)

Zoology Department Undergraduate Research Grants

  1. Awards from a variety of funds are available for $750-$1,500, with the number of awards depending on the available funds each year. Funds can be used for expenditures, such as equipment and travel expenses, and for stipends to support the undergraduate student during the research project.

  2. Students must be enrolled for at least 2 credits in Zoo 681, 682, 691, 692, or 699, or in another course for independent undergraduate research (not necessarily in Zoology).

  3. The deadline for application is March 20th. Applications should be submitted to the Awards Secretary in the Department of Zoology office, 145 Noland Hall.  Details of the application process can be accessed here.

John T. Curtis Ecology Scholarship for Zoology & Botany majors

John T. Curtis was a renowned ecologist and former UW Professor of Botany. The John T. Curtis Prairie in the UW Arboretum, the world’s first restored prairie, was named in tribute to this inspiring ecologist. The Vegetation of Wisconsin, Curtis’ classic work, was a major contribution to the development of plant ecology. The John T. Curtis Ecology Scholarship was established in 2014 by his sons, Tom and Steve, to honor their father. This annual $1,000 undergraduate scholarship provides tuition assistance to students with a declared major in either Botany or Zoology. The student chosen to receive the scholarship will have an interest in the natural environment. Details of the application process can be accessed here.

Provost's Office

Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships
Undergraduates who have at least junior standing at the time of application may apply for funding to do research in collaboration with a UW–Madison faculty member or research/instructional academic staff member. FAQ

Holstrom Environmental Scholarships
Undergraduates who have at least junior standing at the time of application may apply for funding to do research in collaboration with a UW–Madison faculty member or research/instructional academic staff member that focuses on environmental issues. FAQ

University Bookstore Academic Excellence Awards
Awards for independent work in the biological sciences, the humanities (arts, creative writing and general humanities), the physical sciences, and social studies.

Community Scholars Program
Community Scholars is a one-year academic program for undergraduates that combines opportunities for community service, experiential learning, and service.

Undergraduate Research Scholars
Available to first-year undergraduates
The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS) is dedicated to helping first- and second-year undergraduates get hands-on experience in research or other creative endeavors by working with UW faculty and research staff.

Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program
The goal of this program is to increase the number of students in doctoral degree programs who are low-income and first generation undergraduates or students who come from groups underrepresented in graduate education.

Summer Research Programs for Undergraduates
A compendium of opportunities collected by the Graduate School.

L&S Honors Program

Summer Sophomore Apprenticeship Research Grant.  For sophomores anticipating a research experience.  $1500.  Deadline mid to late March of sophomore year.

Trewartha Undergraduate Honors Research Grant $700 to student for supplies.  Deadline: late October

Ann J. Haney Infinite Boundaries Scholarship $2500 to Senior Honors Thesis student who's research falls within women's health. Deadline: late October

Mark Mensink Honors Research Grant $5000 to student, $2500 to faculty mentor.  Deadline: late October

Honors Summer Senior Thesis Research Grant $2000 to student plus $700 in supplies.  Deadline: Mid to late March of junior year.

F. Chandler Young Distinguished Senior Honors Student Award  $2500.  Merit based.  Deadline: Mid March of senior year.

F Chandler Young Travel Award  $2500.  Travelling abroad for research.  Deadline: Mid April

Leadership Trust Award  $5500 and up to $3000 project funds.  Community improvement project.  Deadline:  Early March of junior year or earlier.

For more details check their website.


Wisconsin Idea Undergraduate Fellowship
Administered through the Morgridge Center for Public Service
Undergraduates with at least sophomore standing propose a project that focuses on addressing a need identified by the community. Project areas include (but are not limited to) community development, health related issues, economic development, the arts, education, environmental issues, criminal justice, hunger and poverty alleviation, etc.

The Ruth Bleier Scholarships are awarded to women to encourage them to pursue careers in the natural sciences, medicine or engineering. Women undergraduates at the UW-Madison in their first or second year are encouraged to apply for a one year award which includes a stipend for a mentored research project . For more information contact the Women's Studies Program, 110 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Dr. 263-4703.

The Center for Limnology offers student stipends and/or hourly pay for research in lake ecology during the summer the UW-Madison campus on at Trout Lake in northern Wisconsin (housing included). Some previous research experience may be preferred. Contact Alyssa Luckey Winters, 262-2009,

Chase Noland Scholarship in Limnology: Provides cash awards or supporting fellowship/research assistantship to an undergraduate or a graduate student.



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