About the Zoology Major

The Zoology major is a gateway to the diverse and exciting areas of modern biology. The major is flexible, and can be tailored to prepare students for advanced study and careers in a variety of fields, including medicine, life sciences research, science education, biotechnology, and environmental management. The Zoology major also provides students with numerous opportunities for research under a faculty mentor.

Goals of the Zoology Major

The Zoology major emphasizes critical thinking and conceptual skills that come from an understanding of how scientific information is obtained and evaluated, and of how this information can be applied to societal issues. The major provides a solid foundation in genetic, cellular, physiological, ecological, and evolutionary principles, and in the related disciplines of chemistry, physics, and mathematics. As a result, the major fosters an understanding of biological complexity including the interrelationships among humans and natural systems.

The unique characteristics of the Zoology major include:
  • broad-based, yet integrated training in wide-ranging areas of biology;
  • solid foundation of basic principles and processes in biology;
  • flexibility and advising needed to allow students to tailor the major to their specific goals;
  • opportunities for undergraduate involvement in independent research and senior thesis.